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Dr. Bob’s recent TV interview about his new book

Dr. Bob’s recent TV interview about his new book With anchor Portia Young Broadcast on WISN ABC 12 in Milwaukee

The long-term consequences of cramming for tests

A dictionary definition of cramming would be something like this: “trying to quickly force material in a container that cannot hold it.” This definition just about sums up the disastrous “learning” technique that so many students have adopted in recent years. For many, it is the normal way of studying. It’s a habit that will […]

Difference between colleges & universities

Summer is the time that many families visit colleges. This article begins a multiple-part series about visiting colleges. Check back every few days to read about another topic. Today, we begin with the basics. Colleges and Universities. A university consists of a group of colleges, like Liberal Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Journalism, Health Sciences, and […]

Start planning for college in the sophomore year

For the student who is really serious about college, early planning is the key to the whole college selection and application process. How early? During the sophomore year of high school, students should begin the college search process. What does that mean? 1) At the start of the sophomore year, student and parents (don’t forget […]

Dr. Bob speaks to students of Lima Senior High School in Lima, Ohio

More tips about studying

Study takes an independent, self-directed effort — creating different methods to approach and learn different subjects. What kinds of extra work? Studying is coming prepared for every class. You are up to date in your reading, and you have even read ahead. You have done all your practice exercises (even when they’re not required), and you’ve gone over […]

What you do (or don’t do) today and every day determines your future.

Never seem to have time to really get ready for that next test or big assignment? If you answer “yes,” take this little quiz. How many hours each day do you spend on these entertainments?  Be honest. It’s important information for you. television cell phone face book music iPod computer games sports socializing with friends […]

Strength, stamina, and study — a “must”

The truth is that far too many high school students are studying no more than they did in middle school. Ask them how many hours each week they really study, and the response is often, “It all depends.” And that means it all depends on whether or not a test is coming up. Or they […]

The Science of Study: What really happens in your brain when you study.

Have you ever wondered what happens in your brain when you read a book, memorize the periodic table, or practice the violin? This article by takes you inside the human brain to show you what really occurs when you learn. One fascinating thing you’ll learn from this article is how different methods of studying really make […]

Standardized tests require systematic preparation, not a casual attitude

Standardized tests are just a fact of educational life. And it’s a real alphabet stew: SATs, ACTs, APs, IBs, LSATs, MCATs, DATs, GMATs, GREs. Students get their first taste of bubbling answers with number-two pencils in second grade. Such tests continue through elementary and middle school to rank students and mark their academic progress. In […]