Monthly Archives: November 2014

Community College: A Practical Choice

I believe that high school graduates who go on to community colleges are very practical people. Here are some reasons why: • They know they need more education and advice to find their careers. • They understand they have a “technical” career in mind, such as paralegal or auto technician. • They’re determined to become […]

Minimize College Debt

In this Fall 2014 interview with Financial Survival Network’s Kerry Lutz , I highlight ways to minimize college debt. Community college for two years is one suggestion. Not only does it offer lower tuition, but it also helps many students make the transition from high school to a four-year college or university. Listen to the […]

Advanced Placement Courses

I encourage strong high school students to talk to their counselors about taking AP classes. Why? AP classes help prepare students for college AND keep their college debt to a minimum. Listen in as I explain why on Doug Wagner’s “What’s Happening Show.” You’ll want to scroll 13:18 minutes into the podcast.