6 Reasons for Debt


6 Reasons students don’t graduate at all.
Why 65% of college students spend 25 to 50% MORE for a degree.


1: College is very different than high school.

Students must take responsibility for themselves, their time, and their daily choices.

2: Study hours per week will grow to about 30 hours — roughly 2-3 hoursof study for every hour spent in class.

61% of college-bound high school seniors study, at most, 5 hours per week. Another 15% study 6-10 hours a week. Many students don’t take the college work week seriously.

3: Although “cramming” for tests may have worked in high school, it won’t work in college.

There’s far too much information to cram.

4: College gives far fewer tests, so each grade counts significantly.

A few poor test grades, and students will drop the course to avoid damaging their overall grade point. The dropped course will have to be retaken. Cramming has doubled the cost of the class.

5: Student must assume total responsibility for getting their work done and how they use their time.

No one reminds them. Over-busy college students squeeze study time out of their days to make room for more social/fun things.

6: In college, reading and study replace “homework” to be handed in.

Procrastinate on important reading assignments is easy. Who will know if they skip the readings? They’ll “catch up” later. They can’t.


On the other hand, College Smart® Students see the bigger picture: college expectations and independent workloads are their responsibilities.


  • They understand that procrastination and disorganization are deadly.
  • They are well aware of the much-faster pace of college.
  • They recognize how much material needs to be learned — and why cramming won’t work.
  • They use proven College Smart® Study Strategies.
  • They “get” that learning processes must mature as courses become more complex. Gone are the days of multiple choice, true-false, or simple matching tests,
  • They understand that the independent skills they use in college will become important assets in the workplace.


College Smart® students become self-taught learners who know how to go about handling responsibility and working independently to meet deadlines — just like in the workplace.

How? The College Smart® Strategies gives students much-needed know-how.


1 out of 3 freshmen frequently report feeling
“overwhelmed by all I had to do.”*  Yet they don’t “make time” for work.

  – “The American Freshman: National Norms for Fall 2012,


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