Add To Your Summer “Must Read” List

College Smart Parents Cover 3DComing by May’s end, my 3 new books that I consider “required reading” for parents and students:

College Smart, a new edition of Are you really ready for college?

For readers from middle school to college

Identifies 12 must-use strategies for college success. Studies show that 9th grade is the pivotal year for getting ready to succeed in college. Why? Prep for college actually begins the first year of high school. But it’s never too late to adopt the strategies. Every student needs to know about them and start to use them.

• College Smart Practical Tips for Parents

A guide for parents

This companion to the student’s College Smart book gives parents the help they’re looking for.

It’s filled with everyday ways to help your child — regardless of age — succeed in college, job, and life. Includes very specific approaches, how-to information, and talking points.

• Start College Smart

For high school seniors and young college students

The book prevents students from learning things the hard way. Instead, it gives them a real understanding of college life and gets them off to campus on the right foot. It covers everything from developing the right mindset to adapting to life on their own.

The book includes what to expect from courses and profs; how to find a major early and why; social and recreational life; getting advice/counsel on different issues; staying safe and healthy on campus; how college very practically connects to the workplace.

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