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Dynamic Duo! Harborside Academy and College Smart.

Jude and I couldn’t be prouder and it’s hard to contain our excitement. Harborside Academy in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is the site for College Smart’s pilot program in Fall 2016. We’ve been developing the curriculum for this 1-credit course for months and after putting into it all of our heart, soul and expertise, we were curious. […]

Postponing College

Postponing College — A Better Route for Some It could be the most troublesome educational decision a student and parents make: whether or not to defer college for a short time after high school. The right decision means academic success and educational accomplishment. The wrong decision can result in many complications/frustrations and take years to […]

Are Your Students’ Tests Making the Grade?

Engaged classrooms, productive after-school study, and good testing all advance learning. Did you ever stop to think that testing is a form of teaching? That good testing helps advance learning? Keep in mind: I’m talking about good testing. What’s that? First let’s explore what good testing is not. Testing can often be repetitious and predictable. […]

Two Ways to Help Your Child Take the “Write” Steps

  Do you have a student whose writing skills need improving? In this Information Age, communication is important. The world needs people who can make their message understandable and use words well to describe and explain things. The student whose use of language falls short — especially in writing — will be locked out of […]

Parents: How to Use Tests as Learning Tools

Truism #1: Parents who do not examine their student’s tests are doing their student a disservice in the learning process. Take time to look over the tests your student brings home. And if you are not seeing them, something’s wrong. Is your student hiding low grades? That’s something you need to know. What if your student […]

Higher Education vs Reality

My thanks to Craig Pelnar for this guest blog.  ~Dr. Bob For years, we have all assumed our children will be prepared for the cold, hard reality of life after school, especially in the job-search arena. Sadly, most graduates are thrust into the world woefully under-equipped and ill-prepared for what they need to do in […]

Standardized Tests Require Systematic Preparation, Not a Casual Attitude

Gateways to opportunities Standardized tests are gateways to opportunities. Colleges use them to admit or reject students — and scores influence decisions about scholarships, grants, and financial aid. College graduates wanting to continue their education take standardized tests to qualify for graduate or professional programs. It’s a real alphabet stew: APs, IBs, LSATs, MCATs, DATs, […]

Parents. Teens. Independence. Responsibility.

Just as parents are responsible for the physical well-being of their children, they are equally responsible for their students’ intellectual well-being. The responsibility is as weighty as it is inescapable. Some parents will ignore that responsibility or betray it by portraying education as a burden to their child, “Well, I never liked school either, but […]

Ninth Grade a Pivotal Year

Ninth grade holds a pivotal place in your child’s life. It concludes eight years of elementary education and begins eight years of high school and college education. For this reason, ninth grade should be understood for what it is: a time for stressing academic and personal aspirations — and looking ahead to college. A transition […]

Time For a Party

Just as important as getting children to understand the importance of an education is the need to excite them about it. Beginning with middle schoolers, children shift their attitude about learning from openly receptive to overly critical. If only they could appreciate how their education will reveal the many wonderful mysteries of the world. If […]