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Black Holes of the Learning Universe

Everywhere we see teens clustered around their smart phones, tablets, laptops and video games. While great fun, these digital devices can pose devastating distractions to students who need to concentrate while studying. The attraction these devices hold for kids is like the “pull” of a black hole.

Research indicates that ANY limit placed on media use drops time spent on them by nearly 3 hours a day. Yet only 3 in 10 families set limits on digital time. I wonder if the remaining 7 are aware that kids ages 8-18 spend 53+ hours a week on their devices.Gamer

Help your teens understand the importance of “unplugging” while studying. Work with them to create their own work space — a place that’s comfortable, bright, big enough and QUIET. That means no cell phones or other devices. Suggest they “dock” their phones with you while they engage in school work. Some teens really are okay with this idea.

Guiding your children in their use of digital devices helps them in school now while also preparing them for college. Once on campus, remember that they’re on their own and have no-one to say, “That’s enough. Time to turn off.”

With computers and smart phones, the world really is at our fingertips. For adults that’s exhilarating. Imagine the allure that opportunity holds for children. Let’s ensure that the temptation doesn’t become a black hole in their learning universe.

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