Time For a Party

Just as important as getting children to understand the importance of an education is the need to excite them about it. Beginning with middle schoolers, children shift their attitude about learning from openly receptive to overly critical. If only they could appreciate how their education will reveal the many wonderful mysteries of the world. If […]

Don’t Settle for the Standard Tour

For any trip students take this summer, it’s important to remember the essentials, like a map, iPod, extra batteries and their record of SAT scores. Yup, if a college visit is part of this year’s vacation schedule, students will need those scores and a lot more to get the most out of their trek. For […]

Lately, I’ve been spending more time on-line. It’s encouraging to come across great websites that focus on parenting, education and modeling successful behavior. Starting today, I plan to give a “shout out” to some of these websites. They have great information on a wealth of topics, including those near and dear to me — preparing […]

Add To Your Summer “Must Read” List

Coming by May’s end, my 3 new books that I consider “required reading” for parents and students: • College Smart, a new edition of Are you really ready for college? For readers from middle school to college Identifies 12 must-use strategies for college success. Studies show that 9th grade is the pivotal year for getting ready to […]

Like…You Know

Give teens a cell phone and they’ll prove what great talkers they are. Put them in classrooms or other public settings, however, and suddenly they’re silent. OR they’re stumbling around trying to express themselves because they’re not just, um, like chatting, you know, with their friends. Abandoning teen-speak is, you know, so totally different than […]


“Sleep problems have about the same impact on grade point average (GPA) as binge drinking and marijuana use.“ Part of a research abstract published and presented in 2014, that startling news was delivered at the 28th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies. The study also stated, “Sleep problems are not systematically addressed in […]

Learning In Layers

It’s all about repetition Learning takes time, it takes repetition and it’s done in layers, much like creating a 4-5 tier cake. Every day, another layer is added to a particular cake, whether it’s about the American Revolution or the physiology of a frog. Baker’s note: The ingredients that make each layer have to be prepped, […]

photo of black hole

Black Holes of the Learning Universe

Everywhere we see teens clustered around their smart phones, tablets, laptops and video games. While great fun, these digital devices can pose devastating distractions to students who need to concentrate while studying. The attraction these devices hold for kids is like the “pull” of a black hole. Research indicates that ANY limit placed on media […]

Community College: A Practical Choice

I believe that high school graduates who go on to community colleges are very practical people. Here are some reasons why: • They know they need more education and advice to find their careers. • They understand they have a “technical” career in mind, such as paralegal or auto technician. • They’re determined to become […]

Minimize College Debt

In this Fall 2014 interview with Financial Survival Network’s Kerry Lutz , I highlight ways to minimize college debt. Community college for two years is one suggestion. Not only does it offer lower tuition, but it also helps many students make the transition from high school to a four-year college or university. Listen to the […]