communication skills

Two Ways to Help Your Child Take the “Write” Steps

  Do you have a student whose writing skills need improving? In this Information Age, communication is important. The world needs people who can make their message understandable and use words well to describe and explain things. The student whose use of language falls short — especially in writing — will be locked out of […]

Higher Education vs Reality

My thanks to Craig Pelnar for this guest blog.  ~Dr. Bob For years, we have all assumed our children will be prepared for the cold, hard reality of life after school, especially in the job-search arena. Sadly, most graduates are thrust into the world woefully under-equipped and ill-prepared for what they need to do in […]

Like…You Know

Give teens a cell phone and they’ll prove what great talkers they are. Put them in classrooms or other public settings, however, and suddenly they’re silent. OR they’re stumbling around trying to express themselves because they’re not just, um, like chatting, you know, with their friends. Abandoning teen-speak is, you know, so totally different than […]