Community College: A Practical Choice

Community College EntranceI believe that high school graduates who go on to community colleges are very practical people. Here are some reasons why:

• They know they need more education and advice to find their careers.
• They understand they have a “technical” career in mind, such as paralegal or auto technician.
• They’re determined to become qualified for a four-year college.
• They intend to keep their college expenses to a minimum.

If your child falls into of these categories, you might want to read a recently-published Community College Review article. It provides solid advice for community college first-semester students, as well as including some content from my book, Get College Smart. For instance, community college students face unique struggles that four-year college students do not. They are more likely to have to balance class commute, off-campus life/disconnect from study, and family obligations at home.



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