The high school habit of cramming cannot work in college—too much to cram

But for many students, cramming is all they know. And after one low test grade, they think: “It’ll work next time.” It doesn’t.

Problem: Fewer tests in college. Low grades “really count.”

Let’s say one course’s grade depends on 3 tests. A student crams and “bombs” the 1st test. One-third of the final grade is already “blown.”

  • How high do the next two grades have to be to pull up that grade? What are the chances the grades will be high enough?
  • The student lacks a solid background in the first-third of the course. How to recover the missing information for the final? Where’s the time? The semester keeps rolling.
  • Problems worsen. The student denies them. “This has never happened to me before.” The student is sure something will happen to save him/her. It won’t.

It’s decision time. No “good” options. Only extra semesters.

  • Drop the course & retake it. This choice adds another course to the degree and spends more money.
  • Take the low grade. Students often do this. But this low grade may lower the overall grade point. (What if there are low grades in more than one course?) Now the student no longer qualifies for his/her major. Time to switch majors.
  • Need to switch majors. Now different requirements add more semesters. Some already completed (paid for) courses no longer count toward graduation in the new major. A new major means new requirements. More courses = More Semesters = More $$$$.

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