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  • Contact Us
    Office: 262-784-1384

    For volume orders:
    Please contact Judith Neuman:
    Office: 262-784-1384

  • Testimonials

    • I wish I had this book in high school! I’ve already told all my friends, we need this book.
      Homemaker and Parent
      8th & 11th graders
    • That’s the beauty of the book. It says, in a very easy-to-understand way, things … that no one has ever articulated.
      Attorney and Parent
      9th & 10th graders
    • It’s excellent …. It gives parents a place to go when things aren’t working out for their teenager. The book says, you can do better, and here’s how.
      Adjunct Professor and Parent
      9th grader & 29-year-old
    • These are life and academic skills to be learned. The fact that students don’t have them doesn’t mean that they can’t have them.
      Director of Student Services
      Midwestern Public School
    • This book really spoke to me. It’s like a light bulb goes on over your head, especially the section about the First Two Weeks.
      Engineer and Parent
      8th & 11th graders
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