Deep College Debt

Shocking College Debt.


Today’s Average student debt? $39,400. That’s 6% higher than 2017. Each year it grows.

44 million Americans now owe more than $1.48 TRILLION in student loans.

That’s $620 billion more than US credit card debt.†  

Why the debt continues to rise.

55% of high school students graduate with an A+ to A- grade point averages. 42% Graduate with Bs. That’s 90%+ above averages in classes.*

Yet year after year, only about 25% of college students will graduate on-time. What’s wrong?
The majority of college students lack College Smart® know-how.

Become a College Smart® student, and you’ll graduate on time and save loads of money.


*The Almanac of the Chronicle of Higher Education 2017-18.
Source: U.S. Student Loan Statistics for 2018


fortune-logo “A 4-year degree is rapidly turning into a 6-year degree.”


“A 4-year degree is now ‘atypical.’”


Take the time to look at these articles. Despite their great high school grades, the majority of high school grads
aren’t self-sufficient enough to meet the challenges of being on their own in college.

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