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We offer discounts on bulk orders to qualified schools that purchase the book for classroom use and to PTOs that order books in bulk. Dr. Bob is on a mission. He wants to get his practical solutions into the hands of students. To help change their futures and avoid disappointment and debt.

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The really big bonus. The book helps students …

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  • Use their newfound abilities to succeed in high school, college, post-secondary training, and the workplace.
  • Lay the foundation for becoming the kind of employees who “go places.”


Does this sound like the kind of help you’d like to give the teens in your life or school?

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Answer:  Research proves that teen behaviors — good and bad — intensify in college.

Right now, parents can gauge their teen’s ability to take care of themselves, plan ahead, stay organized, focus on studies, and control their time. Observe their actions. How self-sufficient are they? We know what the awful statistics say. My video talks about two of the major self-defeating student habits, holdovers from high school.

Families who use the book will recognize the signs right away. The signs are in many pages on this site. But remember to be honest. Don’t let your love or pride in your child distort what you see. It will be a costly mistake—for you and your child.



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