Dynamic Duo! Harborside Academy and College Smart.

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Harborside Academy Student Ambassadors

Jude and I couldn’t be prouder and it’s hard to contain our excitement. Harborside Academy in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is the site for College Smart’s pilot program in Fall 2016.

We’ve been developing the curriculum for this 1-credit course for months and after putting into it all of our heart, soul and expertise, we were curious. What is Harborside Academy like? How dedicated are their teachers in prepping teens for college? Are the students interested in our class? We decided to find out for ourselves, so recently asked to visit their campus.

Since I like to use sports analogies, let me say that Harborside Academy hit the ball out of the park when we toured their facility on Friday, May 23.

We were met by three student ambassadors in the lobby. Friendly, articulate and earnest, they escorted us to a third-floor conference room. There we had the pleasure of meeting Principal Bill Haithcock, Assistant Principal Trent Barnhart and Elective Teacher Mike Underwood. We quickly learned that our College Smart Kick-off couldn’t be in more capable hands.

All of us are kindred spirits in our commitment to students and getting them ready for college, career and life. Mike Underwood’s statement, “I want the students up in front of the class as much as possible,” was music to our ears. And everyone’s excitement in having social media as an integral part of the program is, well, wonderful.

Andrew and Mr. SturinoNakia and Andrew, two of our student ambassadors, returned at meeting’s end to walk us around Harborside’s campus. We loved the energy of the students in the hallways. The school’s auditorium is beautiful. And we had the pleasure of meeting the “best science teacher ever.” (According to Andrew, that’d be Duane Sturino.)

Do you remember the three questions Jude and I had about Harborside? The ones listed in the first paragraph of this post? Here are the answers: (1) Inspiring; (2) 100%; (3) Full. And the class hasn’t even been officially posted.

Jude and I plan to have an enjoyable summer in the months ahead and don’t want to wish away any of that precious time. Still, we’re so excited for this fall’s launch of College Smart at Harborside Academy. The course is going to be a game-changer for everyone involved.

(Special Note: Thanks to John Sykora, Harborside Board Member and Kenosha Sylvan Center Owner, for arranging this meeting.)


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