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Se Universitaro Astuto — Latino Students’ and solving Learning Gap


A Letter to those involved in Latino Education
Before writing this website, I searched the Internet for the latest information about Latino students. What I got? A lot of statistics and sincere hopes from educational professionals that things will change for the better.

I wish the professionals who were quoted would read my book. It’s the basic answer to the problems of ALL students — not just Latinos: Students don’t know how to learn or study — or what study means to their lives.

Teachers, administrators, and parents must repeat the essential message to students:
“In school you are supposed to learn, more and more, — from one level of school to another.
Learning requires study. And study requires time and time management.
How you handle this will affect the rest of your life — for better or for worse.”

Without this fundamental message, students will always regard education as tedious, uninteresting, and elusive. I’m dedicated to delivering the answers to reverse the lack of student success.

If students don ‘t know what learning means or how to do it,
education in school and the workplace will simply dissolve—
leaving everyone asking “What happened?”

My College Smart® Strategies explain all this from high school to (and through) college. Se Universitaro Astuto, my first book, is prelude to the College Smart® series.

I want to assure teachers and administrators involved in Latino education that my College Smart® Strategies will fulfill every student’s basic need to understand what learning and studying really is and how to do it. It’s that simple. My books can help you. I promise.

College-Bound Latino students: apprehensive.

Every student arrives at college with a bag full of questions, worries, and even fears. “Am I ready for college? How hard is it going to be? Will I fit in with a whole new group of people? What if I get low grades? What should I major in? What if I can’t handle it emotionally?” Such fears turn life aspirations into terrible disappointments.

Are Latino students any different than their non-Latino friends who are equally both apprehensive and hopeful about a college education? No, all college freshmen are apprehensive and unsure. But for first generation Latino college students, all of their questions, worries, and fears are more complicated.

However, when Latino students are not college-ready, those typical problems increase exponentially.

The numbers are there: All college students these days are having really big problems resulting in low grades, late graduation, and the extra tuition.

Just What You Need for Your Latino Program

My College Smart® books speak to all students. But I have found that those who really get into a “college prep” state of mind are those who belong to groups, programs, etc.

For example, if high school juniors are told there’s a program about college planning, they are more willing to do it. “Hey, my classmates are doing it. I don’t want to be left behind.” In a familiar group, students work together.

Likewise, Latino students will want to learn to be College Smart™ students because all their friends are doing it. They can be often better guided as a group in a program — and/or with a certain counselor. That’s great.

Every Latino student should have a group to join. But those kinds of groups need something to grasp onto, literally. Something they can hold in their hands. Something like my College Smart® books. Something like, Are You Really Ready for College and its Latino edition, Se Universitario Astuto. The books create a bond.

This Is the Best Book for Your School

It’s the perfect book for Latino students who want to learn about college preparation in the language they may speak at home. Just as important are parents of these students who really want learn about college, about the aspirations of their kids, about those special challenges their kids have. And how parents can help their kids manage and overcome them. Right now, I’m in the midst of getting the Parent’s edition translated.

So to all the Latino Program Directors, teachers, counselors, and parents out there, I say there is a specially written book available to make your relationship with pre-college Latino students better than ever.

Want your students to have confidence, motivation, and goals going off to college (or already there)? My books present to students 12 strategies for success. They are unified strategies they usually don’t get anywhere else.

My Experience with Latino programs

For two years, I have worked with a Latino High School program. I wanted to see how my books were used and, of course, enjoyed. This was just a testing ground. But both the students (and parents) and the director of the program have used my 12 College Smart™ strategies with great success.

This year I plan to get more involved — by communicating with the students through conference calling. I’m really looking forward to it.

So if you direct a program, or are involved in one from the outside looking in (principals, teachers, counselors, and parents), know that from years of experience I understand just what pre-college or in-college students need.

And I want to help you directly. So send me emails or call me. I’ll even digitally visit your school.

Just look at any of my books and you see immediately that I have a passion for college education and every student who hopes to get a college degree.

I want students to learn the essentials of a college education, to get the most out of their college experience, as well as get the most out of a job and career later.

All the best,

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P.S. I give huge discounts to Latino Programs. Take advantage.

All my books constantly tell students that their education is directly connected to their career goals. Become an excellent student in classrooms, and you’ll be an excellent employee in any workplace. That’s one my many “sayings” that belong on a Bulletin Board.



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