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A fundraiser with real value! It benefits students, families, and your school

good_gradesThe information contained in Are You Really Ready For College? can—

  1. Change students’ future
    High school graduates arrive on campus “ready” — they can be among the 36% of college students who graduate on time.
  2. Save a family tens of thousands of dollars
    Annual tuition & board averages $15,000 (public schools) and $40,000 (private schools):  47% of U.S. families of college students must fund extra years. It’s very expensive.
  3. Improve long-term learning in high school courses
    Students retain what they’ve learned and are, therefore, prepared for college courses.
  4. Give parents the guidance they’ve been looking for
    Learn how to support your son or daughter in getting ready to succeed in college.
  5. Help sustain a good learning environment school-wide
    With many families using the book, your school will have another avenue for achieving its academic goals.

Discounts to schools

  • We offer discounted book prices to PTOs who want to use the book as a fundraiser.
  • We pay the shipping and handling within the lower 48 states.
  • You’ll receive your order at school, and you can distribute copies based on your order list.

Are You Really Ready For College? Gives parents the information they’ve been looking for and college-bound students the skills they will need. Parents & students should each have a copy!

Quick Facts

  • 90%+ of high school graduates plan to attend college. 70% go within two years of graduation.
  • Whether entering college or the workforce, 40% of graduates said they were not “adequately” prepared for what awaited them.

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