How to Become Career Smart℠

How do you become WORKPLACE READY? By being a terrific, all-around, learner.  You acquire College Smart® skills.

The same way you become a super athlete. Being able to learn is a skill that is learned, just like sports, magic, or music. How well are students learning? Look at the map.

Because they are exactly the skills employers are looking for but cannot find. 


As of this writing,
the US now ranks 16th
globally in college
degrees earned.

What my books do for you:

Questionnaires help each reader identify the quality of his/her current learning techniques. Are you on-track? Or do your tactics need to be changed/adjusted?

At the beginning of each chapter, the student fills in a questionnaire about that strategy, much like the surveys so popular in magazines (Check all that apply, Rank these items, etc.). At the end of the chapter, students return to the survey and compare their answers with what they have just learned.

Gives you efficient ways of learning. These tactics can mature as material grows more complex.

Many students don’t know how to go about learning. Others don’t know how to advance their current learning methods. The books present a variety of learning approaches. Students will be arming themselves with study systems that can mature as they move up the educational ladder.


Explains how different courses exercise the brain in different ways — making it a versatile power source. Most Students don’t “get” this.

This a waste of time. I’m never going to use this stuff.” Given young people’s futures, their brains need to be strong, versatile “muscles.” Different types of academic courses exercise that muscle in different ways. Plus, the fact is that later in life, we all often find so-called “useless” information unexpectedly helpful.


Shows students how learning today will become useful tomorrow — affecting careers and promotions.

Since far-sightedness is not a strength of the young, Dr. Bob frequently reminds readers that they are working toward the far-away future. He explains in detail how achieving small, daily goals eventually makes possible entering a chosen career and succeeding it.


The College Smart® — Career Smart℠ strategies are the Tools of Engagement. Engagement is a major concept in 21st century workplace.

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