Learning In Layers

photo of yellow cake with pink frostoingIt’s all about repetition

Learning takes time, it takes repetition and it’s done in layers, much like creating a 4-5 tier cake. Every day, another layer is added to a particular cake, whether it’s about the American Revolution or the physiology of a frog. Baker’s note: The ingredients that make each layer have to be prepped, measured and sifted. In other words, students need to “work the material” they’ve been given.

And, like baking a cake, the right “ingredients” are required. What’s not part of the mix is the grade-school notion that students just need to passively sit there while teachers fill their heads with information. Learning is far more dynamic than that and requires a lot of self-directed effort — studying.

Talk to your children about how to study. Provide examples, give tips and talk about the topic. During your conversation, please refer to the specific points I provide in my Special Recipe. If you’d like to receive other valuable information to help you help your child succeed in school and beyond, then please subscribe to my newsletter, Your College Edge. (See the Sign-Up Form on the home page.)




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