The book’s themes strengthen your school’s initiative

What the book says to support your learning initiative

  • explains that learning is active, not passive, takes effort and time.
  • details what a learner’s days look like.
  • defines a knowledge bank—and why it’s valuable in real life.
  • describes in detail how to be a learner.
  • connects school to real-life, something teens rarely do.
  • spells out how learning continues after school and throughout life. Those who learn efficiently will always have an edge in life.
  • explains being an adept learner who can keep up with the world’s changes will fare better in tough economic times. Employers value learning (and talking).
  • sheds light on the fact that “good talkers” have confidence in themselves wherever they go.
  • describes how people who are learners contribute to the U.S. economy and keep it growing.
This book explains that learning is active, not passive, requires effort and time.


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