The need for parents to help their teens in getting ready for college – Part 2

Part 2 of a 3-part series

In Part 1, you saw some of the numbers that describe our declining educational position in the world. Now consider these very telling numbers (I call them “quick stix”):

  • Nearly 65% of COLLEGE-BOUND high school seniors study fewer than 6 hours a week. Only 15% study more than 10 hours — the Girl studying with lamp“highest category” in the research. In college, these students will need to study 25-30 hours a week to succeed.
  • This study-time gap alone carries enormous implications.
  • 84% of college faculty describe high school graduates as unprepared.
  • One-fourth of the 84% flatly stated that students are not prepared.

These few statements set up a very simple case of cause and effect for not being prepared for college work. Now consider that most college freshmen will be “on their own” for the first time. Will their study times rise or fall?

Study quality, study maturity, and study regularity also come into play. But looking at the scant amount of high school study-time quickly makes the point, painting a simple and revealing picture about college un-readiness.

To discover the parents’ role in all this, please go to the last post of this 3-part blogFind out more things parents should know about college un-readiness and how to prevent it.

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