Comprehensive College Preparation for the Latino/Spanish Community

Practical, Efficient Roadmaps for Latino/Spanish Schools,
Students, and Parents

I know these communities are especially dedicated to better preparing their young people: striving for more and more students to enter and succeed in college.

Se Universitario Astuto —

  • a solid foundation to help reach these goals
  • and a well-structured approach to follow

Se Unversitario Astuto provides the background that teachers, parents, and students are looking for. The great benefit of the guide?  Yes, it speaks directly to students. But it will also guide families and schools in working to develop the specific abilities needed in college-bound students.

The Result? The same messages will be delivered both in homes and at school.

Consistency is a great benefit. Together, parents and schools can speak with one voice: sharing a detailed set of expectations in preparing students to  succeed now and to manage a college course load later.


The Translation of College Smart and College Smart Practical Tips for Parents is now underway.


Schools can merge the book into already established events and programs

  • Introduced as a set of expectations at a Welcome Program for new students.
  • Used to structure Freshman Orientation Courses. The chapters fit well into a semester.
  • Used as the basis for an ongoing After-School Program for students or parents. Or for students and parents together.
  • Provides topics (specific strategies) for Parents’ Nights.
  • Can supplement Parent-Teacher conferences.
  • Used as the focus of a program during Parent-Teacher conferences.


Educators get more done in less time with better results.

The book makes working with students more efficient and more productive.

For guidance counselors.

Students use their personal copy of the book to prepare for conferences. Counselors can then spend precious meeting time helping the student apply the concept not explain the same concept to student after student. Time can be used to overcome a specific stumbling block. For example, the student  already knows he/she need a quiet place study. The counselor can focus on solving the problem: How do you find a quiet study place in a noisy house?  No quiet rooms? Use heavy-duty drugstore earplugs.

For teachers giving special help to groups.

When all students have a personal copy of the book, teachers can bring together students who share a similar problem in small groups. All students have the same source of information, so they have a shared background. The teacher can guide the group discussion while students support each other, trading ideas based on what the book says.

For teachers working with individual students.

A teacher can speak quickly with a student after class or write a note: “This test shows that you need to work more with Strategy 1 and 2. Review them, and then let’s talk.” Again, no need to repeatedly explain concepts from student to student. The book saves teacher time. Students come to the discussion with the needed background and use the meeting efficiently.

Schoolwide: Specialized development groups can run simultaneously.

Schools could keep various groups going. A group of educators, each specializing on a specific strategy, can meet with groups in need of a certain kind of coaching. For example: The Strategy 2 Discussion Group will meet Tuesday at 2:15. Teachers or guidance counselors could specialize in a strategy and coach only that topic. Students would come and go into the various groups as needed.



The book gives parents a structure, a concrete way to work with their children

Multiple parent groups can be formed within your school.

Parent groups can meet on different times and days, so everyone has a chance to attend. These parents are united by a common goal: working with their students at-home. They can share ideas and will appreciate being together in a common cause. Their participation will strengthen the school’s initiative.

I’ll tell you what you should know about college: preparing for it, admissions, succeeding, and starting a career. You need to know the facts.



Get College Smart!®