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Dr. Bob’s recent TV interview about his new book

Dr. Bob’s recent TV interview about his new book With anchor Portia Young Broadcast on WISN ABC 12 in Milwaukee

Difference between colleges & universities

Summer is the time that many families visit colleges. This article begins a multiple-part series about visiting colleges. Check back every few days to read about another topic. Today, we begin with the basics. Colleges and Universities. A university consists of a group of colleges, like Liberal Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Journalism, Health Sciences, and […]

What you do (or don’t do) today and every day determines your future.

Never seem to have time to really get ready for that next test or big assignment? If you answer “yes,” take this little quiz. How many hours each day do you spend on these entertainments?  Be honest. It’s important information for you. television cell phone face book music iPod computer games sports socializing with friends […]

Standardized tests require systematic preparation, not a casual attitude

Standardized tests are just a fact of educational life. And it’s a real alphabet stew: SATs, ACTs, APs, IBs, LSATs, MCATs, DATs, GMATs, GREs. Students get their first taste of bubbling answers with number-two pencils in second grade. Such tests continue through elementary and middle school to rank students and mark their academic progress. In […]

Interview with WPR’s Kathleen Dunn

Listen to Dr. Bob talk with Kathleen Dunn and address listeners’ questions about preparing for college in high school.

Planning your college visit (Part 3 of 3)

What to take with you To prepare for your college visits, create an academic profile for yourself and take it along to show the various people you meet. Besides showing your academic success, list your extracurricular activities (including sports and music) and any part-time jobs. Also, take a copy of your high school transcript and […]

When you visit the Admissions Office (Part 2 of 3)

College visits are arranged though an Admissions Office. Call or email this office, and get the name of the admissions counselor you talk to. This is your contact person going forward. Ask if you will receive printed information before your visit. Let the counselor know that you want to visit several offices (see below), and […]

Visiting Colleges and Universities (Part 1 of 3)

Summer is a good time to visit colleges. It’s a convenient time for both you and your family. (Don’t forget to take your parents along!) And because colleges offer courses even during the summer months, you can visit classes and talk to enrolled students. When should you visit college? You could start as early as […]

The need for parents to help their teens in getting ready for college work – Part 3

Part 3 of a 3-part series Part 1: The U.S. standing in relation to the rest of the world in terms of learning. Part 2: The big difference between what’s expected in college and how unprepared high school students are to take on independent study. (It’s a small part of why the large majority of college students […]