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Parents: How to Use Tests as Learning Tools

Truism #1: Parents who do not examine their student’s tests are doing their student a disservice in the learning process. Take time to look over the tests your student brings home. And if you are not seeing them, something’s wrong. Is your student hiding low grades? That’s something you need to know. What if your student […]

Standardized Tests Require Systematic Preparation, Not a Casual Attitude

Gateways to opportunities Standardized tests are gateways to opportunities. Colleges use them to admit or reject students — and scores influence decisions about scholarships, grants, and financial aid. College graduates wanting to continue their education take standardized tests to qualify for graduate or professional programs. It’s a real alphabet stew: APs, IBs, LSATs, MCATs, DATs, […]

Standardized tests require systematic preparation, not a casual attitude

Standardized tests are just a fact of educational life. And it’s a real alphabet stew: SATs, ACTs, APs, IBs, LSATs, MCATs, DATs, GMATs, GREs. Students get their first taste of bubbling answers with number-two pencils in second grade. Such tests continue through elementary and middle school to rank students and mark their academic progress. In […]