Test Your Career Smart℠ Skills

How high would you score in these areas? RIGHT NOW ….?
When you answer, be honest. Don’t kid yourself. Your future depends on it.
These questions are written for college students, but if you’re in a job, they still apply to work situations.

Use what you know to analyze, think critically, and evaluate?

Know how to tackle and solve problems?

Think of new ways of doing things? (Called Innovate in the workplace.)

Write clearly & efficiently? Or take too long to write. Too many re-do’s,  but you’re still not clear. How do people react to your writing?  Do they understand what you wrote and what they’re supposed to do?

Do you voluntarily speak up in class? Or in meetings? Speak with poise? Or stumble and fumble? Do you contribute to study groups? Do you just sit there and take notes?

Do you talk to your advisers, /teachers/profs, and authority figures?  Or do you literally “shy away” from such conversations?

Do you make good decisions based on weighing the options?

Are you well-organized, not scattered?

Do you belong to clubs and organizations? Do you actively participate? Do you act as a contributor? Do you hold an office?

Can you smoothly collaborate with many kinds of people? Many ages of people?

Do you learn efficiently? Do you apply different methods and tactics when you learn? Do you feel confident that you know the material when you are finished?  That’s whether in the workplace or a college course.

Every skill employers seek is learned and grows by students doing well both in- and outside of- the high school or college classroom.

Practice the 12 College Smart® Strategies. They are skills to be learned in the same way you become a super soccer player or an awesome guitarist. All of the items in this list at the top of the page are called soft skills. Employers desperately need them. Do you have them? Now?

Career Smart℠ students ARE workplace-ready.
They stand apart in a crowd of job candidates.  

In other words, Career Smart℠ students make prized job candidates.




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