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3 College Prep Books Guide Students and Parents from Middle School through College


College Smart®

Start in middle school? Yes, that makes sense. These are formative years in student development. Already missed the middle school mark? Begin right now to get your student started using the College Smart strategies. Teens who adopt and use these strategies will be ready both academically and personally to handle college when the time comes.

These are tools your student will use to succeed. The great majority of college students who aren’t doing well in college don’t know what’s wrong or how to fix it. This includes even the very smart students who have never experienced problems before. College success is not just about being smart.

Your student won’t have these problems. With daily use, the strategies will become second-nature to your student — who will use them to grow and make good decisions as courses get harder.

The results are far-reaching. The future may seem far away but it’s really not. Your student will be among the 1 out of 3 to get a degree on-time. With a great outlook on starting life. Well prepared to launch their lives. With a personal attitude and skills that make students career-ready and positioned to move up the career ladder.

Help your student avoid the many mistakes that the majority of college student make. The mistakes that wreck student dreams and cost huge amounts of money in extra college semesters. 65% of students don’t graduate on time. 40% are still going to school after 6 years.

FYI: Even if your student is in college already, it’s not too late. You need this book!


College Smart; Practical Tips for Parents®

Parents play an important role, no matter the age of their child. And while parents want to help, the questions arise: “What do I do?” and “How do I do it?” This book has the answers.

A chapter-by chapter companion to College Smart, parents use these tips at home during middle and high school. Is your child in college? The book also helps parents support Start College Smart. In this digital age, parents can stay in touch and follow-up with their students.

Practical Tips introduces one strategy at a time. So you can read one short chapter at a time and still help your child. The book explains what your student is learning. But you’ll also get the adult perspective: why the strategy is so important to your child’s personal growth and success in college.

Chapter by chapter, Practical Tips gives you very specific ways to help and support your child.

For example, the book taps into your personal life and the lives of people you know, including the people at work. How? Ongoing storytelling plays a large role in helping your child indirectly learn about the strategies and how the world works. Storytelling also helps you build your child’s communication skills. Practical Tips guides you. Storytelling imparts real-life wisdom without preaching. It’s just one example of ways you can help your child every day.


Start College Smart®

Aimed at high school students on their way to college or already there. Students start off right. There are no do-overs in college, and a bad first semester can really weigh a grade-point down. (Already experienced that? It’s time to read this book.) I like to say: College is Life x 10. On so many levels, academic, personal, and social. College is all about big changes. This book helps students see that:

  • degrees and programs: how to find a major before it’s too late; yes, it’s scary, but delaying this big decision postpones graduation and increases college costs; what to do to get your money’s worth out of college everyday; why college will mean so much more to your future.
  • college as training ground for career: Start College Smart shows students how to develop the mindset and personal traits needed to succeed in college. But here’s the part students should understand. These same traits and attitudes drive success after the book gets students career-ready. While they’re learning and succeeding in their courses, they’re using college as a training ground for their careers.
  • adjusting to campus life on many levels: Giving studies enough time. Developing mature study methods to meet the challenge of courses. How to find friends. Choosing them. Dealing with romantic relationships. The dangers: like drinking, stress, depression, and staying safe on campus. Where to go on campus for serious personal help. Assistance is there for students.

Start College Smart is your own personal orientation with the Dean on these topics, too. Why you’re there. What you should and shouldn’t do and why. And how to grow, both personally and academically. You’re only a few years away from the rest of your life. Make these years count toward your success.

Get College Smart!®