Wanted: An Agile Workforce

What’s Agility?

A 40-hr work week is made up of continual learning plus various kinds of thinking and personal skills.

How many of these descriptions apply to you right now? They make up a major workplace concept, called AGILITY. Agility means that you can learn and that you know how to handle many tasks. Check all that apply. Be honest. You’ll only deceive yourself if you cheat. Are you…? 

  • A go-getter — committed and eager to continually improving yourself?
  • An idea person, creative & resourceful in finding ways to make things work?
  • An analytical thinker and a problem solver?
  • A planner/organizer who meets deadlines? (Not scrambling to slap something together.)
  • A good collaborator. You work well with others & contribute when in groups. Not passive.
  • Fueled by curiosity, and interested in new things?
  • Comfortable speaking? Do you stumble around? Not finish sentences? Grope for words? Know how to organize & present ideas clearly — to an individual or a group?
  • Always engaged: Each day you contribute to your workplace
  • You write clearly so that people understand what you’re sending them? There’s no 2nd step required from your recipients via phone or email to clarify what you “meant.”
  • Finally, Are you aware of what’s going on in the world and how it relates to what you do? Or do you live in your own little bubble? Still like a teenager?

Why is it called agility? Because you are talented and can contribute in many ways. 

Remember the analogy we used about the Olympic athlete who can compete in many gymnastic events? That person is agile, versatile, and valuable. That’s how you want to be regarded at work.

The job you may eventually do may not yet exist? Are you ready to tackle it?



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