A Method of College Prep that’s Time-Tested

College Preparation that’s Proven Successful with Thousands of Students


What high school students say —

  • “There were a lot of parts of the book that I’d never thought about before…but now that I’ve read it, they make a lot of sense.”
  •  “You really don’t realize how much you do every day until you write it down and look at it. I’ve already changed. I’m trying to spread things out more—hockey, cello, cross-country.”
  • “The book says, This is the way you should do it…Overall, I thought this was really good advice. I’ve already changed some of my habits.”
  •  “I never understood about the first two weeks before. You never really think of working at the beginning of the year. I got off to a slow start in Chemistry last year, and I can tell you that’s not a good class to be behind in.”
  • “It’s good to have things broken down like this…I liked the parts about Time and Extracurriculars. Some things really made you think.”
  • “The Learn About Yourselfs get you involved. It’s not like someone just telling you about what you should do…they got you warmed up for the topic ahead and made you think about how you could apply the book to what is really in your life.”


What parents say —

  • “My son’s High School Counselor recommended this book to all parents of the senior class. It’s a good read!”
  • “I wish I had this book before I went to college! I’ve already told all my friends, ‘we need this book.’ Very thorough and well done. The length is good for kids, and the approach is very effective. You can pick it up and put it down. It’s information in bite-sized pieces.”
  • “That’s the beauty of the book. It says, in a very easy-to-understand way, things…that no one has ever articulated. Some of these things I didn’t really figure out until I went back and got a Masters in Law.”
  • “This book really spoke to me. It’s like a light bulb goes on over your head, especially the section about The First Two Weeks.
  • “It’s wonderful. It’s got so much good information — and it’s written from a great perspective for kids. I’ve already heartily recommended it to my friends.”
  • “The interactive materials — checklists, activities, and the Learn About Yourselfs — are a really good way to get teens into the strategies.”


What educators say —

  • “This is a terrific reference and guide. The Study vs. Homework section was extremely well done. The circling back is a wonderful technique—it’s the way kids learn. I’d like to use it in my district.”
  • “I spend a lot of time on a college campus and have seen that many students have no idea how to study correctly or even what to expect in college…This book gives the real story and great advice on how to use the high school years to prepare for a successful college experience. It is written in a very direct manner which teenagers can relate to. My 8th grader is already putting some of the strategies to use and seeing results.”
  •  “A colleague [gave] copies [of Neuman’s USA TODAY interview] to the teachers in my building (junior/senior high school). The response was so positive that I ordered the book. What a tremendous resource to share with students starting at the elementary level!”
  • “These are life and academic skills to be learned. The fact that students don’t have them doesn’t mean that they can’t have them. They can acquire them with practice.”
  • “It’s excellent…The book says, you can do better, and here’s how.”

I’ll tell you what you should know about college: preparing for it, admissions, succeeding, and starting a career. You need to know the facts.

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