College Prep, Personal Awareness

College Readiness Also Means Learning About Yourself and Your Days

Easy to read, one-of-a-kind roadmaps to success. Some features of the first book in the College Smart series that engage students and families.

Short, lively chapters. Dr. Bob talks directly to you. Plus, pages are filled with activities, bulleted points, and lists of do’s and don’ts. You participate.

Each Strategy begins with a questionnaire. Your answers help you know yourself better.  After reading the chapter, you can compare your answers to what you’ve just learned. Congratulate yourself on the things you’re already doing right. Then add any new things to your life that you didn’t know about.

Valuable tools make it easy. They help you stay on track and create new patterns and routines for yourself.

Real-life stories show how the Strategies solve problems. Andrea battles interruptions, Ethan comes to terms with his roommate, Jeff finds a major, and Carole-Ann and her canary finally “get it together.” Stories make their point and are easily remembered.

Dean’s Commentaries discuss the stories and share insights. Some stories show how students can create their own problems — and be clueless that they’re doing it. Other stories show students who know they have a problem, but are clueless about how to fix it.

The stories illustrate how each Strategy solves everyday (but major) problems and relieves student frustration. The Strategies enable students to handle their days, have fun, stay healthy, and fulfill their dreams.


I’ll tell you what you should know about college: preparing for it, admissions, succeeding, and starting a career. You need to know the facts.

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