The Foundation of College Success

College Readiness: Grounded in Self-Sufficiency and Personal Responsibility

Being independent  isn’t easy. Students are asked to make good decisions. Every day.

College Smart strategies show students step by step what this means on so many levels. Here are a few:

  • How to balance work and play
  • What to do during the first 2 weeks to jump-start each semester
  • How to control time, courses, and sleep
  • What to do before going to class: Do it right and save study time
  • How to make learning easier and more efficient
  • How to recognize trouble early in a course — what to do about it

Students will learn lots more. All valuable, practical information they’ll need every day. Younger students can use middle or high school as their practice field to train and sharpen their “plays” for this Big Game: college. Older students will have to grow and learn in college. When these older students finish College Smart, they go on to Start College Smart.


I’ll tell you what you should know about college: preparing for it, admissions, succeeding, and starting a career. You need to know the facts.

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