Why the Debt Continues

Do you remember how much time the great majority of high schoolers spent studying? About 5-10 hours. They got outstanding grades based on very little study.

They can’t figure out what’s wrong? They need my College Smart® Strategies ( specifically 1, 2, and 7) on “handling study.” 

These College Un-smart students are not used to the kind of grades this small effort will earn them from college professors. Remember the grades their earned in high school?

  • 55% of high school students graduate with an A+ to A- grade point averages.
  • 42% Graduate with Bs.*

When they get to college, they stubbornly can’t believe their “old” system will fail them. And that’s despite mountains of evidence to the contrary each time they receive a paper or test grade.

Yet year after year, only about 25% of college students will graduate on-time. What’s wrong?
The majority of college students lack College Smart® know-how.

College is NOT 13th grade. College is Very Different.

Become a College Smart® Student.
You’ll graduate on time AND save piles of money.

*The Almanac of the Chronicle of Higher Education 2017-18. 




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