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The College Smart® Series — Just the Books for You

WHO?  Students, teachers, advisers, counselors, and parents. A complete college preparation program.


Book 1: College Smart®

Guides students to…

  • develop learning methods/routines that create self-sufficient learners.
  • become life-long learners, confident, comfortable speakers, sharp thinkers, and well-organized goal-setters.
  • recognize why learning and using the College Smart® Strategies play a HUGE role in career and the workplace.

The 12 College Smart Strategies empower students as learners and job candidates.

  • The quality of learning will improve right away!
    Teens can begin practicing strategies as soon as they start a book. They will learn to take charge of their student lives right away. Much of what they read will be new ways of thinking. They will begin to see things differently.
  • Students will learn what’s involved in learning.
    The book details what to do. With practice, teens will adopt many techniques to succeed — and be able to handle all their courses, even those they find difficult.
  • Students will achieve long-term learning.
    “Academic amnesia” is a condition that prevents college success.  Cramming is the cause.
  • Students start to understand what’s expected of them and how to achieve it.
    The book teaches students the big difference between “learning” vs. “doing homework.” They will enter higher education and the world with a new perspective

Being a College Smart® student lays the groundwork for success in courses and becoming a successful, self-sufficient,” going places” Career Smart employee. 


Book 2: College Smart®; Practical Tips for Parents

An ongoing guide

  • Parents play an important role, no matter the age of their child.
    Parent’s become storytellers to answer: “What do I do?” and “How do I do it?” This book has the answers.
  • Parents also learn why each strategy is so important
    —to their child’s personal growth, success in college, and future in the workplace.
  • A chapter-by-chapter companion to College Smart®.
    Parents use these tips during the pre-college years.
  • Practical Tips introduces one strategy at a time.
    Busy parents can simply read one short chapter at a timeand still help their child.
  • Parents will learn very specific, yet simple, ways to help, not nag.
    When the time comes, modern digital devices make staying in touch with your student on campus easy.


Book 3: Start College Smart®

This book introduces college to high school students on their way to campus or students already starting college. Stepping foot on campus can almost feel like crossing the border into a foreign country. Start College Smart® gives students “the lay of the land.”

  • How to find a college major before it’s too late.Yes, it’s scary, but delaying this big decision postpones graduation and increases college costs.
  • College as training ground for career:Here’s the part students don’t understand. The same skills and attitudes that drive success in college are the traits employers are looking. Like the College Smart® book, this book gets students Career Smart.
  • Adjusting to campus life on lots of levels:How to use mature study methods to meet the challenge of courses. How to find friends. How to choose good ones. Dealing with romantic relationships. Staying safe on campus. Where to go on campus when you need serious personal help?

Start College Smart® shows students how to develop the mindset and personal traits needed to succeed in college — and the workplace.

Adopted school-wide, College Smart® and Start College Smart® can give your school or college one voice in conveying the expectations and standards to be met in the classroom—and outside the classroom.

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