Parents and Teens Will Get College Smart with a Dean!

Posted on April 14, 2020

Got questions about college? You might even have some anxiety about your students’ preparedness in taking this next big step. You wonder — are you all really ready for college?

Find out by joining other college-bound teens and their parents on Sunday, May 15, at 7pm. Retired academic dean Dr. Bob Neuman will provide straight answers and clear direction to get all of you college smart. Dr. Neuman, a national expert on the topic, spent 25 years at Marquette University advising over 12,000 undergrads. At the invitation of the Sylvan Learning Center Brookfield, WI, he’s hosting this free Q&A session for approximately 50 parents and teens.

What do you bring to the Get College Smart Night? Your Questions!

  • To how many colleges should a student apply?
  • What should students do to stand out during the admissions process?
  • When should students take a campus tour? What’s entailed?
  • What’s the difference between studying in high school vs. college?
  • What does it take to graduate on time? What are the chances?
  • Good high school grades are predictors of good college grades, right?
  • What does independent study really mean?
  • What makes college so different than high school?
  • How do you prepare?
  • How do I help my student clearly see the connection between college and career?

Here are your evening’s take-aways:

  • A clear understanding of the major stumbling blocks college students face
  • A list of the big challenges in adapting to campus life
  • The importance of selecting a major: why and when
  • An introduction to 12 strategies and why they help ensure success in college, career, and life
  • Reduce stress as you get help for your family’s college plan
  • …and a good cup of coffee

For more information and to reserve your spot, call the Sylvan Learning Center in Brookfield, WI, at (262) 796-0808. The Center is located at 15060 W. Greenfield Ave. While you’re on the phone with them, ask about Sylvan’s College Prep Courses being offered.

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