Employers Need an “Agile” Workforce

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Consider the Olympic athlete who can compete in several gymnastic events — trampoline, rings, balance beam, and floor exercises. True, this athlete is anatomically agile. But…

Here, “agile” also means valuable. Why? The athlete can do many things well. That’s how you want to be regarded in your career.

“Agility” — a major term in today’s workplace — describes both people and companies who have many skills to react quickly to change. 
Why? Because the 21st century is all about RAPID CHANGE.

Some examples of an agile employee?

  1. A talented thinker who can look ahead.
  2. Quickly learns new things.
  3. Sees possibilities.
  4. Has lots of knowledge — knows how to use it.
  5. Is an idea person.
  6. Can analyze and solve problems.
  7. Works easily with others.
  8. Can clearly communicate.
  9. Is an achiever.

Take Today’s Workplace Challenge:

How many of these descriptions can you claim right now?

Be honest. Cheat? You’re only hurting yourself. You need to know the areas you must work on to be ready for a job interview. Are you…?

▢  A go-getter — committed and eager to continually improving yourself?

▢  An idea person, creative & resourceful?

▢  An analytical thinker? Do you see relationships? Both make you a problem solver.

▢  A planner/organizer who meets deadlines? No last-minute scramble.

▢  A good collaborator who works easily with others & contributes in groups?

▢  Fueled by curiosity and interested in new things?

▢  A comfortable speaker – can you organize & present ideas clearly? To individuals or groups?

▢  Each day you contribute to yourself and your work.

▢  Write clearly so that people understand you right away?

▢  Finally, are you aware of what’s going on in the world? In the nation? Your community? Are you interested in larger issues outside of your daily routine?

How many of these descriptions can you claim right now?
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Think about this…The job you eventually get may not yet exist!

Right now, have you got the skills to learn and be ready to tackle something cutting-edge and brand new? When will you be ready? How will you get ready?

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