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Dr. Bob used this methodology for 25 years with literally thousands of students. It has proven itself. College Smart® Books and Advising Programs will also improve your larger institutional issues: Recruitment, Retention, Attrition, Graduation Rates.
A Decided Edge in Recruitment.
Your message? Your school offers a course to combat the currently-typical 6-yr grad rates. This course helps freshmen adapt and succeed. A great advantage to the tuition-paying parents of incoming freshmen. link. To Sample Recruitment Message (in Executives tab.
Increase Retention.
Start with Freshman Orientation. Counselors distribute the book. They begin to work with their groups to provide an broad overview of the differences between high school and college. In doing so, they pave the way for a College-Smart® course. It’s the information that students need to change your numbers in Recruitment, Retention, and Graduation Rates.
Offer a Course to Support Retention. Teach students how to succeed.
Offer the College Smart® Course: complete with teacher’s guide. Most h.s. grads never learned “how” to study or “use their time.” Run-away H.S. grade inflation has masked these shortcomings. This course shows students “what to do” to succeed in their college courses. Simply and conversationally. Right now, they lack this information. Research tells us that they studied less than an hour a day in high school.
A College Smart® Advising Sytem:  A 2nd way to Reduce Attrition.
An efficient, easy-to-use system for College Advisors, these 12 College Smart® Strategies to support one another. Students learn how to control their courses, their lives, and their health. Fewer drop-outs. Better graduation rates. This program could save their parents an added 50% over today’s typical 6-year degree. Word will spread.
Create a reputation: as a “Go-To” hiring resource among employers.
Your grads are College Smart® grads: They’re work-place ready. They have the skills employers need but cannot find. More.
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Save Parents an additional (unexpected) 50% in college costs! (Word will travel.)

Increase your number of 4-year grads – a fact so rare these days, it’s worthy of press coverage!

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That’s why I wrote my College Smart® books. They present every dimension of a student’s academic development one-by-one

They fall into 12 categories. Students see —maybe for the 1st time — what’s involved in learning.

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